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Timber Frame Homes in Knoxville TN

Timber Frame Homes in Knoxville, designed by Home Design Elements offer a lifestyle that balances today’s modern technology with time honored rustic-beauty and exceptional artisanship. Timber Frame Homes date back hundreds of years with the logs hewn into square pieces that were used to frame the house.


Back then, the pieces were joined together with pegged joints instead of nails, bracketing materials, or screws. Timber Frame Homes in Knoxville are both elegant and simple. The exposed heavy timber that is used in the Timber Frame Building System from Home Design Elements is achieved by using exposed heavy timber that makes up the structural elements of the building. Tall posts stand from the floor and connect overhead in an esthetically pleasing arrangement of rafters, beams, and braces. The skill of the artisan is evident in the beautiful interiors using mortise and tenon joinery. 


The open style of a Timber Frame Building System becomes the focal point highlighting the lifestyle of the homeowner and the unique artisanship of the builder. Home Design Elements has several styles of Timber Frame Building systems to choose from including Tudor, “Old World,” and Contemporary.


Home Design Elements LLC is an independent Authorized Distributor for Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes.

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