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Log Homes in Knoxville TN


Log Homes in Knoxville, designed by Home Design Elements, are built using natural and renewable materials that are environmentally friendly. The solid construction and warmth of the wood, creates a powerful connection to the natural surroundings. Milled logs are laid horizontally interlocking with notches on the ends giving the homeowner the look and feel of a grand lodge, rustic home, or log cabin. The logs are visible on the exterior, and sometimes the home’s interior.



Log Cabins in Knoxville, also designed by Home Design Elements, come in a variety of shapes including full round, square and D-shaped. The profiles of the Log Home feature an integral tongue and groove building system that is milled into the top and bottom of the logs.  This process helps stabilize the log walls eliminating airflow through the joints making the lodge, rustic home or cabin more energy efficient. The sheer size of the logs conserves energy as the logs absorb heat during the day allowing heat radiation at night. Log homes conserve energy because they even out the temperature of the home. Log homes from Home Design Elements are a fundamental construction concept.  By utilizing modern manufacturing methods and bringing new technology together log homes are both energy efficient, esthetically pleasing, and built to last.



Home Design Elements LLC is an Authorized Independent Distributor for Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes

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