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Log Homes

Log Homes in Knoxville, designed by Home Design Elements, are built using natural and renewable materials that are environmentally friendly. The solid construction and warmth of the wood, creates a powerful connection to the natural surroundings. Milled logs are laid horizontally interlocking with notches on the ends giving the homeowner the look and feel of a grand lodge, rustic home, or log cabin. The logs are visible on the exterior, and sometimes the home’s interior.

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Timber Frame

Timber Frame Homes offer a lifestyle that balances today’s modern technology with time honored rustic-beauty and exceptional artisanship. Timber Frame Homes date back hundreds of years with the logs hewn into square pieces that were used to frame the house.

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Hybrid Homes

Hybrid Timber Frame Homes, by Home Design Elements, are designed using modern home construction and rustic charm. Built with log or timber elements and traditional construction, Hybrid Homes are designed to be energy efficient, livable, and unique. The complex interface, between the conventional elements and the log or timber, is brought together giving the Hybrid home a beautiful exterior and interior appearance.

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48 Photos

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