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After receiving a Bachelors degree of Science in Business Administrations with a focus on Business Management from the Tennessee Technology University, Samantha Beals began working for a company that manufactured and sold log homes as well as natural element products. Working with designers, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and crewmembers she quickly learned what it takes to make a unique space. With her voracious appetite for learning, Samantha became familiar with building traditional, log, and timber frame and hybrid homes.



 When a homeowner came to Samantha and told her that the builder needed fixtures for her new property to complete her home, Samantha went to work. Because the client did not know the first thing about sourcing fixtures, Samantha did the research herself. She talked to the builder and found out what was needed in order to keep the job moving ahead. Samantha stepped in and found the items that were needed, and had the materials ordered and delivered completing the home on schedule. Samantha began to see how frustrated both the homeowners and builders were and realized that there was a communications gap that needed to be filled. Samantha stepped in and created Home Design Elements LLC in 2006.   



Most clients need guidance when they start building their dream home, and that is where Home Design Elements comes in. Working closely with the homeowner and contractor Samantha and her team of design professionals has the hands on training and expertise that is needed to complete the project.



Samantha and her team help homeowners and builders select the products that are best suited to their wants and needs, while making sure that the project stays on schedule, and most importantly, does not go over budget.



In 2002, 2003, and 2004, Samantha was the proud recipient of the top building consultant award from Jim Barna Log Homes. Her projects have also received national awards and recognition with the National Association of Home builders for the Building Systems Council.



Home Design Elements LLC is proud to be part of the team that provides log and timber home materials and home furnishings for the newly developed resort in Sochi Russia. Russia  will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and Sochi will be one of the Olympic sites.










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